00442 - Transports going to 'sleep'

00442 - Transports going to 'sleep'

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Transports going to 'sleep'

Hi all,

the sleep of TP is for a small time absolutely OK. This happens for 2
possible reasons:
there is a lock-file still set so that TP seems already to be active. This
can be seen in the SLOG as the "new TP" writes what file is causing the

b) (currently more likely on 4.6x)
there is currently a step going on to import data in the SAP system. This is
done as follows:
- write the request to table TRBAT
- trigger the event SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP in order to activate the SAP job
RDDIMPDP that should always be in released status
- sleep (for 5 seconds?) till a return code is set in table TRBAT
- reschedule the event about every minute. Write every 5-10 minutes into the
SLOG that something might be wrong with the SAP system.

The sleep can last indefinetely when there doesn't occur any returncode.
When you see that the tp takes this long it might be useful to have a look
in SM37 for the last run of RDDIMPDP. This should be the case since the
start of the TP. Otherwise you can try and trigger the event
SAP_TRIGGER_RDDIMPDP via SM64 without any parameters. When the TP now runs
through, the SAPEVT didn't come through.
Otherwise you could reschedule the RDDIMPDP with the user DDIC in client 000
with the ABAP RDDNEWPP and retrigger the event afterwards as well.
The joblog of the job RDDIMPDP should tell more details.

It is for me very interesting that such a TP runs through after 12 hours
instead of being stuck for ever.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

Durban Tours - Südafrika Safari

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