00448 - FW: Data Archiving

00448 - FW: Data Archiving

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FW: Data Archiving

I have also been archiving PP_ORDER too

> -----Original Message-----
> From: CBROWN
> Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 11:50 AM
> To: 'sap400Zm...'
> Subject: Data Archiving
> Dear Colleagues,
> I have been archiving deliveries (RV_LIKP) and Materials (MM_MATBEL),
> with a retention period of 6 months, for the last 8 months.
> I have been not archiving Billing Doc (SD_VBRK) or Sales Docs (SD_VBAK)
> because of the projected BW implementation. I need to populate the BW
> database before archiving the sales information, however, when
> considering a business process, the archiving objects should be done in a
> specific order. The BW database will not be in production until later this
> year, maybe 2QTR.
> That archiving order is as follows:
> MM_MATBEL (Material docs.)
> SD_VFKK (Shipping cost) not used
> SD_VTTK (Business transports) not used
> RV_LIKP (Deliveries)
> SD_VBRK (Billing Doc.)
> SD_VBAK (Sales Doc.)
> Considering that I have been archiving MM_MATBEL and RV_LIKP, what
> problems, if any, will I encounter when I start to archive the other
> objects?
> I am also currently working on archiving FI_DOCUMNT (Financial Document)
> which does not directly affect the others, or does it?
> I look forward to all your responses.
> Courtney A. Brown
> EIS, Inc
> IT Department
> 3715 Northside Pkwy
> Atlanta, GA. 30327
> 404-487-3716

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