00453 - How to update R3TRANS

00453 - How to update R3TRANS

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How to update R3TRANS

Hi Mike,

I don't think you need to download the file from sapserv4 first if
you specify GETSVF(*YES) on the APYR3FIX command. We specify GETSVF
(*YES) first time around (for the DEV box) and then GETSVF(*NO) for
TST and PRD. We delete the savf (e.g. QGPL/R3TRANS) only when
applied to all systems.

If you download the savf ahead of time (your step 2), then you could
just use GETSVF(*NO) for all systems - this saves going back to
sapserv4 again when you apply the patch. Guess this is long way of
also saying you could omit step 2 in your procedure to Robert.

Also, we always delete SQL packages after any kernel patch apply, is
this not needed with just R3TRANS and TP patches?

(hope you are fairing well with our "little" engery crisis in CA)


--- In SAP on System, "Mike Martin, IS, Sousa"
<MMartinZs...> wrote:
> Robert,
> This is just like a kernel update. I suggest the following which
> download the file once from SAPSERV and use the same save file for
> systems in your landscape:
> 1. Create a save file on you PRD box called R3TRANS
> 2. FTP to SAPSERV4 and do a
> 'get R3TRANS (replace'
> 3. Use APYR3FIX using user ID and password of PRDOFR and your PRD
> name for 'FROMHOST':
> In addition, I would perform the same steps for TP at the time you
> R3Trans (usually update together). Also, the same process applies
for all
> kernel objects and programs (including LIB_DBSL, SAPFTP, etc.).
> Good luck,
> Mike D. Martin
> SAP Basis Administrator
> SOLA Optical, USA
> 707-763-9911 x6106
> mmartinZs...
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> From: rclay [mailto:rclayZk...]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 3:40 PM
> To: SAP400 Mailing List (E-mail)
> Subject: How to update R3TRANS
> Hello, gang:
> I asked this question in October 2000 but didn't get the response
that I
> anticipated. Things got hairy around the holidays and now it is
back in my
> face.
> I need some help updating our version of R3TRANS. I know how to
find the
> latest version on SAPSERV
> however, I have no instructions on how to update it. I cannot use
> APYABFIX command because our SAPSERV connection is on our
production box.
> Usually for kernel upgrades, I just perform a 'get' to retrieve the
> and then go from there. In this case, though, I can find no
> on which directory the file needs to be in before I start or even
how to do
> it. I, of course, I want to update our DEV and QAS systems prior
> updating PRD but do they all need to be updated at the same time?
> I would appreciate it if someone who has a process document for
updates of
> this nature would share it.
> We are on V4R4, SAP version 4.0B.
> Regards,
> Robert Clay
> Database/Systems Administrator
> Kerr Drug
> 2522 South Tri-Center Blvd.
> Durham, North Carolina 27713
> Telephone: 919-544-3896 Fax: 919-544-3796
> rclayZk...
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