00463 - TP errorcodes

00463 - TP errorcodes

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TP errorcodes

>Has anybody an idea, where can I found the documentation of the TP
>return codes. ( Not the 4 digits version )

Hi Martin,

You can use the TP command

explainrc <return code>

Main return codes of tp program are
0 Successfully done
4 Warnings occurred
8 Errors occurred
12 Fatal errors occurred
16 Internal errors occurred


"The transport control program tp collects all return codes that occur when a tp
command is executed. From all of these single return codes, a combined return
code is calculated that tp outputs as a result at the end the command. During an
import, for example, all return codes for individual import steps are handled.
If a special return code does not occur, then the combined return code at the
end is the maximum of individual return codes that occur. In addition to the
value of the return code, tp also gives a short description of this return code.
The command explainrc lets you display this short description again at any time.

Normally, all return codes that occur originate from individual transport steps.
Since these individual return codes can only have the following values 0, 4, 6,
8, 12, 13, 14, 16, the combined return code will also have one of these values.
However, if a general error occurs, a single return code over 200 is typically
generated. For example, this could arise if tp cannot establish a connection to
the database. The maximum return code for all single transport steps is output
in a separate message before specifying the combined returned code. In this
case, the combined return code is always the return code of the general error
Logs of the Individual Transport Steps
There are transport steps that cannot be assigned to a single transport request.
The logs of this transport step could not be displayed previously from the R/3
System. (Except for using Transaction AL11, if you know the name of the log
file.) Nevertheless, the return codes of this transport step are considered when
computing the combined return code.
This can lead to tp returning a combined return code of 8, although all the
transport request logs displayed by the R/3 System have a lower return code"



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