00477 - AS/400 4.5 OS and SAP 4.6C

00477 - AS/400 4.5 OS and SAP 4.6C

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AS/400 4.5 OS and SAP 4.6C

Hi Ernie,

We have been running D01/T01/P01 3.1H producution environment on V4R5 since late
October 2000.
To prepare for our 3.1H to 4.6C upgrade (in May 2001), in October 2000, we moved
our production hardware from 1-S/30 DB 8way & 2-12way SB1 app servers to
1-840/2418 12way & 2-12way SB3 app servers.
P01 3.1H Production is running on 800 series hardware & it is "screaming". Once
we updgrade the SID to 4.6C, I expect to see good timings too.

We have also been running DEV/TST 4.6C upgrade SID's on V4R5 since mid-November.
They are both copies of 3.1H P01 DB & upgraded to 4.6C; D01 & T01 3.1H along
with DEV & TST 4.6C are all running on a 730/2068 V4R5.
Prior to the V4R5 upgrade, we were running V4R3.
In general, we really need to stay current with the ptfs/cume/db fixpacks pretty
quick after they are put on the apar.

If you have any specific questions, let me know

Doreen Anderson
Operations / SAP Basis Manager
Ball Horticultural Company

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Subject: AS/400 4.5 OS and SAP 4.6C

My superior has asked me if there has been a lot of problems with the AS/400
Operating System and Sap 4.6C. We are now at SAP 40B on our Production and
test box. We are at 4.3 on our OS. Our AS/400 boxes are a S/30 for test and a
730 for Production.

We are a manufacturing firm with about 200 users and we are going to need to
upgrade our boxes. How has the new 800 Series been performing with OS 4.5 and
Sap 4.6C?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Ernie White
Carson Products Company

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