00481 - BW and PRD on same machine

00481 - BW and PRD on same machine

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BW and PRD on same machine

Hi Bob,
One of the key benefits of BW is to offload the reporting load from your
Prod environment in order to not adversely affect your production users.
The issue with BW is also it's strength; reporting and number crunching
whether it be precanned or ad-hoc. Without having BW either on a separate
machine or a dedicated LPAR, you run the risk of impacting Prod.


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I am interested in getting feedback from the group on running SAP BW (for
about 40 concurrent users) along with PRD on the same AS/400 without
LPAR...assuming that both are sized appropriately! All comments

Bob DeSaulniers
Executive Consultant
IBM Global Services, ERP Consulting Practice
413-846-4602 (8/246-4602)

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