00490 - Upgrade form 31H to 40C

00490 - Upgrade form 31H to 40C

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Upgrade form 31H to 40C

I'm assuming that this was meant to be 4.6C vs. 40C

From 3.1H to 4.6C we have experienced roughly 25% growth during a couple of test
upgrades (150GB to 190GB)
Early next week we will be creating/upgrading our "final" lock-down 4.6C DEV
SID. It will be over a copy of production which currently has a R3<SID>DATA lib
182GB. I'm projecting that to end up at around 245GB.

As you know R3<SID>DATA lib in 3.1H contains 13,376 objects
R3<SID>DATA lib in 4.6C contains 30,276 objects

As a side note......for those executing SAVWACT backups; 3.1H checkpoint took 5
minutes to reach; 4.6C checkpoint takes about 30 minutes.


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Subject: Upgrade form 31H to 40C

Hi all,

I have been asked to look into the disk requirements
to do the above mentioned upgrade.

I have heard that the upgrade will make the SAP
database grow by 125 %.

Does anyone have actual numbers of the before and
after size?

Thank You

Bill Shane

AS/400 Technical specialist
SAP Basis Administrator

Technicolor Canada

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