00495 - How to track MCH3601 in ab_ListDescribeLine

00495 - How to track MCH3601 in ab_ListDescribeLine

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How to track MCH3601 in ab_ListDescribeLine

Hello folks!

We keep getting WP aborts with the following symptoms:

M ***LOG Q02=> wp_halt, WPStop (Workproc 7 91) [DPO4TOOL 0838]
M ------------------------------------------------------------
M Signal caught : SIGSEGV (5)
M Severity : 40
M Message ID : MCH3601
M Program context : R340BOPT
M Service program : ABAP4LIB
M Module : ABLIST1
M Procedure : ab_ListDescribeLine
M Statement : 16
M Sent at : 26/01/01 - 10:25:34
M Message : Pointer not set... (translated for the list
M ------------------ C-STACK ----------------------
M DpMain statement 41 (R340BOPT/DPDWLIB.DPXXDISP)
M tskhstart statement 11 (R340BOPT/THLIB.THXXHEAD)
M TskhLoop statement 363 (R340BOPT/THLIB.THXXHEAD)
M Thdynpen00 statement 40 (R340BOPT/THLIB.THXXHEAD)
M dynpen00 statement 357 (R340BOPT/DYNPLIB.DYNPMAIN)
M dynprctl statement 71 (R340BOPT/DYNPLIB.DYNPMSTP)
M dynppbo0 statement 17 (R340BOPT/DYNPLIB.DYNPMSTP)
M dynpmcal statement 24 (R340BOPT/DYNPLIB.DYNPMSTP)
M ab_listp statement 32 (R340BOPT/ABAP4LIB.ABLIST4)
M set_listcursor statement 9 (R340BOPT/ABAP4LIB.ABLIST4)
M ab_ListDescribeLine statement 16 (R340BOPT/ABAP4LIB.ABLIST1)
M _C_exception_router statement 41 (QSYS/QC2UTIL1.QC2SIGNL)
M ansi_signal_stub statement 1 (R340BOPT/DPLIB.DPO4TOOL)
M kill statement 111 (QSYS/QP0SSRV1.QP0SLIB)
M qp0skill__FiT1 statement 164 (QSYS/QP0SSRV3.QP0SKILL)
M DpSigGenHandler statement 80 (R340BOPT/DPLIB.DPO4TOOL)
and so on.

There is no short dump which could point us to the line in the
ABAP where the error occurs.

SAP support was of no help. They only requested to install the latest
We have done this twice since the first occurrence of the problem.

But they did not answer my main question:
What ABAP statement (or kind of statement) does this?
ab_listp statement 32 (R340BOPT/ABAP4LIB.ABLIST4)
set_listcursor statement 9 (R340BOPT/ABAP4LIB.ABLIST4)
ab_ListDescribeLine statement 16 (R340BOPT/ABAP4LIB.ABLIST1)
My opinion: An ABAP interpreter builder can tell this.
So we could look into the code and hopefully see what can be wrong...

Anyone from the kernel team listening?

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