00497 - BW and PRD on same machine

00497 - BW and PRD on same machine

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BW and PRD on same machine


We've had several (many) occasions where BW has work processes start
looping and never end, even after the user has logged off and gone home.
This obviously ties up a lot of CPU and would tend to kill perfofrmance on
your PRD instance. We'll be doing yet another round of KERNEL/PTF
applicaton this weekend so I'll let you know if it still is happening. In
our case the BW is a 2.0B version running the D kernel.

Even without this issue, you really can't predict what the end user is
going to do so I would think you would want some separation of the R/3 and
BW instances.

Craig Welch
Brady Corp

"Robert Desaulniers" <bdesaulZu...> on 01/25/2001 12:02:47 PM

To: sap400Zm...

Subject: BW and PRD on same machine

I am interested in getting feedback from the group on running SAP BW (for
about 40 concurrent users) along with PRD on the same AS/400 without
LPAR...assuming that both are sized appropriately! All comments

Bob DeSaulniers
Executive Consultant
IBM Global Services, ERP Consulting Practice
413-846-4602 (8/246-4602)

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