00500 - Setting up TMS for production system

00500 - Setting up TMS for production system

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Setting up TMS for production system

Hello Paul;

I didn't select ANY truck (big or little). The queue is cleaned before this.


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Sent: vrijdag 26 januari 2001 14:35
To: Karremans WLA
Subject: Re: Setting up TMS for production system

Dear Wilbert,

Nothing is wrong, you probably selected to import ALL transports in the
queue (big truck). This automatically cleans the buffer.

If you don't want this to happen, select a transport and use the little
truck to import that (or a selection of) transport(s).

Kind regards,
Paul Hoogendoorn

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:28:23 +0100, Karremans WLA wrote:

>Hello everyone;
>D00 --> Q10 --> P20
>We have setup the TMS system for production system P20 (new AS/400). The
>import requests appear in the import queue (Import Overview: Domain
>Domain_D00). After selecting import queue P20 (Import Queue: System P20),
>the import queue is cleaned. The message below I found in:
># buffer cleaned on 20010126120042 (WRKLNK on AS/400)
>What is wrong?
>Wilbert Karremans
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>Oce Common Systems, Oce Technologies B.V.
>P.O. Box 101, 5900 MA Venlo, The Netherlands
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>Therefore no liability or responsibility for whatever will be accepted.

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