00520 - Printer problems

00520 - Printer problems

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Printer problems

Hello Susanne,

we have the same problem after installing the new CUM-PTF TC00350.
(Unfortunatly we have only LEXMARK-Printer Optra S and R.

I found a IBM Support Technical Document with the title
"V4RxMX PTF Listing for TCP/LAN Printing", which described some PTF for
TCP/IP-Printing. Asking IBM, she confirm to aply them.
But before i try to aply them, we got the info from LEXMARK that there is a
new firmware for the printers (S Serie) which will solve the problem.
There is also a known problem by LEXMARK

We will get the new firmware and the next time via E-Mail from LEXMARK.

I will tell you more after installing the firmware.


Stefan Gerschler

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Von: Susanne.SoendermarkZk...
Gesendet: Montag, 29. Januar 2001 10:05
An: sap400Zm...
Betreff: Printer problems

Hi all

I have strange problems with two Lexmark printers. After we upgrade to OS
V4R5 the printers "hangs".
We have stop and start the printerprogramme several times at day.
Every time we print something out - it simply need thish push - stop and
starting the printer programme.

We have lots og HP printers and there is no problems.

Are anyone of you known with this problem???

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Susanne Søndermark

Internal Consultant
Korsnäs Packaging A/B
Stigsborgvej 36
9400 Nørresundby

E-mail; susoZk...

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