00549 - Fwd: Post Homogeneous System Copy Steps

00549 - Fwd: Post Homogeneous System Copy Steps

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Fwd: Post Homogeneous System Copy Steps

If you have DB ownership problems, I would suggest to run AS4FIXFILE to
correct them (supplied as part of the kernel lib.) This job can also ensure
that journalling has started correctly for all tables.

Mike D. Martin
SAP Basis Administrator
SOLA Optical, USA
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Have you completed the post installation steps? Specifically SE06 -
database copy or migration. We also had a problem with the owner of the
database library and all objects in it. The owner of the library from the
original system did not get changed in the process. We wrote a CL program
to change the owner. First you run a SQL query to find all objects with the
owner from the original system and build a file. The CL program then
changes the owner of those objects listed in the file.

Here are some steps that we had to do after cloning one of our systems.
There are more steps, but I don't have them handy right now. I'll dig up
the rest and forward them to you when I get a chance:
SE06 database copy or migration / post installation processing
RZ10 Utilities => Import Profiles => of active systems
make sure new profiles were created, then delete profiles of the
original system, change any references to the old system (if any) in the new
activate the new profiles, tweak the parameters (if necessary) for
performance tuning (different box, processors, memory, etc)
RZ04 change operation modes to reflect use of system
SCC4 change the client role each client
SE38 run RDDNEWPP as DDIC in each client of the new system (000, 001,
100, etc) to schedule RDDIMPDP.

See page 10-2 of the R/3 Homogeneous System Copy white paper. I found it
out on SAPNet, somewhere in media.

Diane Piccirello
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I have just finished creating our TST and PRD systems from a system
copy per note:36862. I have a *few* questions:

1. All 3 systems will start without a problem but if I look at my
joblog from the OS, it says for each instance that I start "Unable to
open file /usr/sap/trans/config/TST/ac4sap02_02.CFG". Parameter
DIR_EXECUTABLE does not exist in
exist /usr/sap/TST/SYS/profile/START_DVEBMGS02_ac4sap02." It seems
to do this for all 3 systems. Can I create these directories? How?

2. Some objects in the directories are owned by TST02 or TSTOWNER
not QSECOFR like the others. Will this cause a problem?

3. When I work with Profiles from R/3 (RZ10), the profiles for TST
and PRD now have the DEV START profiles. How can I get the profiles
back for the TST and PRD systems?

I'm sure thar there are more things that I need to check for that I
am unaware of and that I can not find in OSS. I have ran the SBD4GEN
and RSDB4GEN pgms. and configured TMS also. Can anyone offer some

Many thanks,
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