00557 - Help Me. I've Fallen and Can't Get Up!!

00557 - Help Me. I've Fallen and Can't Get Up!!

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Help Me. I've Fallen and Can't Get Up!!

Hey Betsy.

We did lose 1,047 files from a SCC5 done on the client. The delete was
suppose to happen from the PRD box (clean up from the system copy) but when
the job was submittted, it was in DEV instead. Yes, I knew about the
setting in SCC4, just not real sure why it was at 0 and not 1. Once this is
fixed, I will definately set it to no overwrites.

We do not have a separate client with just config. in it. I had planned on
doing a SCCL to copy from a client in the transport route and then run the
transaction to delete transactional data from the client after the copy but
I think we will be able to retrieve journals entries (with help from Alan
Olson) and reset the changes.


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DId you loose the files as a result of a client copy/delete to the client?
so, do you have a "reset master" client in DEV that holds only configuration
could do a client copy from to the partially deleted client -- this would
your configuration back anyway. Or is there any other client in DEV
configuration you could use?

For the future, you can protect clients from overwriting with client copies
client deletes in SCC4.

Good luck,

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Refer back to your BC305 book. The journal receivers will play a big role
here, along with the AS/400 Advanced Backup and Recovery book. I hope your
backup on Thursday was a full backup. Good luck buddy.

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Hello SAP'lings,

We have had our clean Conig. client on our DEV system partially
deleted (1100 tables). We have not had a back up since Thursday
night. How can I get the client recovered?

I have looked at the journals but I am not sure how to retrieve the

I have also looked at SCC9 but will I have problems since I have
deleted tables in my config. client?

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Hanging on by a thread,

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