00564 - Journaling to separate User-ASP

00564 - Journaling to separate User-ASP

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Journaling to separate User-ASP

I believe we have the same situation with ASP 2 as part of the same raid-5
set. I think the purist method is to put ASP 2 on a set of fully mirrored
disk (raid 1?) for best performance and reliability. This config would give
full isolation from the database disks and not have the continual raid
calculations going on.

Henning Hansen <hhZg...> on 01/31/2001 03:52:37 AM

To: sap400Zm...

Subject: SV: Journaling to separate User-ASP

hi all
at the moment we are using seperate asp for journal-recievers (pre-install
from ibm)
(for better performance ?? or avaibility ??) , but running in the same
raid-5 set ???
at the moment we are planning to install more diskspace, so i'am
considering dropping the extra asp

Med venlig hilsen
Henning Hansen

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Fra: Klaus Lindegaard (RWDK) [mailto:klaus.lindegaardZr...]
Sendt: 31. januar 2001 09:46
Til: sap400Zm...
Emne: SV: Journaling to separate User-ASP

Hi Erik,

As you probably already know I still use ASP2 for journals on all four
SAP mashines that I have.

Klaus Lindegaard
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Fra: rexZd... [mailto:rexZd...]
Sendt: 31. januar 2001 09:14
Til: sap400Zm...
Emne: Journaling to separate User-ASP

Question regarding Journaling,
I would like to get an understanding about, if the SAP iSeries
use User-ASP's or not.
I know the recommendation is to use User-ASP, but also I know
System-Software, -Hardware and especially
Disk controllers has changed since that recommendation was made
many years

Med venlig hilsen,
Erik Rex
AS/400 MSS Technical Support Nordic
Remember, in the end there will be only one
IBM Danmark a/s, Nymøllevej 91, DK-2800 Lyngby
phone: +45 45233326 fax: +45 45965036
email: rexZd...

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