00573 - Replies, etc.

00573 - Replies, etc.

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Replies, etc.

You can still send mail to sap400 even if you do not subscribe to it. As I
understand, all mail to sap400 is being posted to the consolut group. In addition,
in consolut Groups you can set your subscription level to receive a daily digest of
postings received that day. You will receive one email containing all of the
day's messages - actually it does 25 messages per digest, so you may get more
than one per day. Then you can get a quick overview and cut and paste from
there into an email reply to a specific posting, and send it to sap400. And as
Betsy noted, this results in a thread being created if you use the EXACT same
subject with "RE:" in front of it.

One other thing, since we are having threads created, it is no longer necessary
to include all previous conversations in your reply since they are included in
the thread. This will save disk space on the server.


Claudia Pillich
Basis Consultant
Intelligent Technology, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, USA

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