00610 - V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

00610 - V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

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V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

... and our IBMer recommends in addition to II12399 to install
the latest versions of
- Group HIPER = SF99096
(fixes severe Problems deep down in OS/400 and with HW)
- Backup and Recovery Group = SF99077
(not only for BRMS users, contains also fixes for tape HW etc.)
- Java Group = SF99068
(to be current with the builtin JVM, e.g. for running
an upgrade assistant...)

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the only thing you should really look for, is to install all the recent PTFs
of the current infoapar of V4R5 before starting SAP.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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