00618 - V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

00618 - V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

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V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??


I always keep my eyes on the PSP's right up to upgrade day. I think SF98050 is
the install one for V4R5. We are still at V4R4 so would appreciate getting
feedback on your upgrade.

good luck,

Betsy Strebe
Systems Technical Manager
TFE - Sutter Home Winery
707-963-5928 x 2439

Squash <realsquashZy...> on 02/05/2001 09:16:05 AM

To: "SAP AS/400 List" <sap400Zm...>

Subject: V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

Is there anything I should look out for when doing this upgrade? I will of
course use the DEV
system for the sacrifice, but any hints/tips are always appreciated!

Andy Quaas
Basis Administrator

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