00630 - V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

00630 - V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

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V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

Hi Andy,

enclosed is my checklist for upgrading OS/400.

Hope this helps a little.

Karl Grauer
Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics
August-Haeusser-Str. 10
DE 74080 Heilbronn
phone: +49 (0)7131/929327

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Gesendet am: Montag, 5. Februar 2001 18:16
An: SAP AS/400 List
Betreff: V4R3 -> V4R5 Upgrade ??

Is there anything I should look out for when doing this upgrade? I will of
course use the DEV
system for the sacrifice, but any hints/tips are always appreciated!

Andy Quaas
Basis Administrator

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