00698 - Intelligent Printers?

00698 - Intelligent Printers?

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Intelligent Printers?

Hi Doreen, hi friends

many thanks for the great reponse I got on my question to lock
users!!!!!!!!!!!! Great group!

To your question:
Yes, we do use intelligent printers for printing invoices ect. from COT. (30
page/min Laserprinter, connected to AS/400 by TWINAX).
The printer has all overlays in ram and gets native AS/400 spool files.
We choosed this soulution because we sort and modify our SAP-output with RPG
programs to include codes for automatic enveloping.

Beste Grüsse / best regards

Volker Fleischmann

Telefon: +49 2043 408 290
Fax: +49 2043 408 610
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> Gesendet am: Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2001 17:34
> An: 'SAP AS/400 Discussion Group'
> Betreff: Intelligent Printers?
> Is anyone using "Intelligent Printers" for printing special forms where
> the PRINTER contains the form overlay?
> Thanks
> Doreen
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