00705 - APAP to lock all user

00705 - APAP to lock all user

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APAP to lock all user

I can confirm that with TP locksys, any user logged into SAP when this is
issued remains active until they logout. I usually login as myself, lock the
system, then perform appropriate maintenance under my own ID. This seems to
be better from an auditing viewpoint (i.e. not using sap*).

Mike D. Martin
SAP Basis Administrator
SOLA Optical, USA
707-763-9911 x6106

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Even easier, you can use "tp locksys <SID>" and "tp unlocksys <SID>" which
has the same effect as described. This is normally used by R3up during an
upgrade but can be used manually.
Problem is that it locks all the users (except sap* & ddic) in all the
clients, this is not a "user tables" locking. If you need to lock all users
in a given client only you have to use an abap. I can post a sample if


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