00713 - TMS Trouble

00713 - TMS Trouble

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TMS Trouble

See below....
If I can recall, just having the "/usr/sap/trans" symbolic link in place was
enough to have our QAS come up suggesting it be added to DEV.

We are executing this as SAP*.--I believe this should be DDIC, although it
may not matter. Does have to be done in client 000.

We have created DEVOFR and QASOFR on both systems. We have not created
DEV01 on QAS or QAS01 on DEV because we have questions about the proper
way to do it.--Use CRTSAPUSR in the kernel lib. The passwords have to
match, and the userids can't be disabled on either end. This may be enough
to keep you from working.

Hope it helps!

Jim Doll, Perrigo

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