00726 - Migrating from NT to iSeries

00726 - Migrating from NT to iSeries

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Migrating from NT to iSeries

Hi, we are currently in a phase of migrating from NT to iSeries. We
have used AS/400 from it was introduced and before that S/36 and
S/38. About 3 years ago when we implemented SAP unfortunately the
management dicided to run it on NT and even more unfortunate on MS
Cluster and Alpha.... The DB has been Oracle.
Could any of you, who have migrated from NT(or in other ways have SAP
experience from both platforms), tell me about what you see as the
differences between NT and OS/400? I'm not that interested in TCO and
total uptime these are reletive clear. I'm more interested in the the
practical work as basis administrator.
I could imagine there also might be some things on iSeries which are
not as good as on NT, or?
That is I'm interested in good and bad things when running SAP on

Flemming Grand
System Administrator
Royal Greenland A/S

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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