00735 - Record Locks

00735 - Record Locks

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Record Locks

We are running release 4.5b of SAP on V4R4. We have interfaced SAP to
Manhattan Associates PKMS shipping package. When we process IDOCs back from
PKMS we get record locks, timeouts, or records being not processed. It
appears that when the IDOCs come back to update an order, if someone is
using that material, even in another order, there is a contention and the
IDOC loses.

We are also seeing more of this as we get ready to cut over our largest
business, even within SAP itself. We currently only have about 70 users for
two smaller businesses, but we will be adding over 500 users in April when
we go live. Based on what we are seeing, these record contentions will
bring the business to its knees. Has anyone out there experienced similar
problems? More important, does anyone have any suggestions?

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