00752 - Changing Ethernet Settings

00752 - Changing Ethernet Settings

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Changing Ethernet Settings

Hi Greg,

it works in V4R1 and V4R4 the same way. You just use the command CFGTCP and
option 1. Then you get something similar as follows:

Work with TCP/IP Interfaces

Type options, press Enter.

1=Add 2=Change 4=Remove 5=Display 9=Start 10=End

Internet Subnet Line Line

Opt Address Mask Description Type ETHLINE *ELAN *LOOPBACK *NONE

Now you just can change the values as you wnat. I don't know if this is
possible while IP is active. Either it is possible but won't have any effect
or it is not possible. Then you should stop IP (at least the specified
interface) and do the change with the console.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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