00756 - Changing Ethernet Settings

00756 - Changing Ethernet Settings

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Changing Ethernet Settings

OK, I've finally gotten setup on consolutGroups......used to MagLinz allowing
Posted TCPIP_ADDRESS_CHANGE.DOC in answer to the question below

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Subject: Changing Ethernet Settings

Hello to All!
We are relocating our AS/400's to California and changing networks. We are
able to keep our internet addresses, but need to change our subnet masks on
the ethernet card.
Can someone please explain how to change the subnet mask on the ethernet
card on an AS/400? We are on V4R4 and testing on a V4R1.
I know it is not really related to SAP, but our SAP Development, Quality,
and Production systems reside on these AS/400's and it is very important.
Our move is this weekend.
Thank you in advance!

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