00759 - Saprouter

00759 - Saprouter

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Good evening, We are moving our saprouter to our Production system, a
V4R4M0 release. I used note 86329 to download the latest version (34)
onto our Production system. I created library SAPROUTER and submitted the
job to start the saprouter. CALL SAPROUTER/SAPROUTER ('-r' 'R'
'/usr/sap/saprouter/saprouttab') . The saprouttab has the following
entries: P * * *
P * * 23
P * * 3299

I cannot get the saprouter to start. I also tried using the kernel
library and saprouter program, still no luck. I created a saprouttab in
the same directory as saprouter as per note 80792 and used the same route
entries. Can anyone recommend something else. I don't see a error message
in the joblog. Thanks for your help.

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