00991 - Saprouter

00991 - Saprouter

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you said that you were not able to start the SAPROUTER. Does it mean that it
always drops down immediately ? Or does it mean that you can't connect with
it ?

When it drops down immediately, it should create a QPRINT-file with some
output e.g. SAPROUTTAB not found, as this is necessary for the saprouter.

When the problem is that you can't connect, you might want to increase the
trace-level of the saprouter and want to have a look to the outputfile.

When you are havin the right permeissions your start should be OK, even when
it is easier to use the saprouter command instead of the saprouter program:

Saprouter is an interactive program, which have to be submitted. In other
cases your screen will hang, till is is killed or better stopped from anther
session with "-s"!

start router : SBMJOB CMD(<Kernel-Lib>/SAPROUTER PARMLIST('-r -R
/usr/sap/saprouttab')) JOB(SAPROUTER)
(or in your case the lib SAPROUTER)


P * * * (allow access from all sources to all destinations on all ports (but
without 23 because of security-reasons))

P * * 23 (allow access from all sources to all destinations especially to
port 23)

Be sure to have access to the saprouttab with the same user that starts the

For more information about this I pasted a document to the file-area in the


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