00997 - RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.

00997 - RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.

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RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.

Dear Colleagues,

We are having a very difficult time determining the source of our RFC
problems. We are running a 4.6C database, 4.6D Kernel on an AS/400
model 820. It has been LPARed, one partition runs DEV while the other
runs QAS. Since they are logically partitioned, both DEV and QAS use
instance number 01.

The problems started within STMS when trying to include QAS in the DEV
domain controller. The config window pops up to include QAS in the DEV
domain with all the right target info for DEV. Upon pressing the save
button the hourglass appears for 30 seconds, then the transaction dies
with this error message:
Local TMS configuration is inconsistent in QAS
Message no. XT 123
An error occurred in the TMS communication layer.
System: QAS.(000)
Error: INVALID_LOCAL_CONF (tms_not configured)
System Response
The function terminates.
The local transport system configuration of the
specified system is inconsistent.
Update the system to the transport controller using transaction STMS.
We have completely reset the TMS config, but the results are always the

The other problem we noticed was that when we would try to execute up a
remote logon connection using SM59, instead of being routed to the
target system, it would open up a session on the local system. We
checked the local and target system settings that SM59 generated, and
they were correct.

We thought we had the problem fixed when we noticed that our host names
were 9 characters long, and being truncated in SM59. Since only the
last character was unique, this resulted in duplicate host names.
Yesterday we changed our host names to be 8 characters (unique), and
were convinced this would fix the problem

Instead, we still get the same error in TMS, and things are actually
worse in SM59. In SM59, the remote logon still logs you on to the
local, not target system, AND when you look at the local and target
system info, the local system info is correct but the target system info
now gets filled in with the LOCAL system!!!!! At least before the host
name change the target system was displayed under the target system
info! Exactly the opposite effect of what we were expecting!!!

We have all the SAP users on both systems with the same passwords. We
have looked at every trace file, log, TMS file, RFCDES table and need
some suggestions about other areas of the system we need to check that
may be causing these RFC problems. Where else can we go to check RFC
config and RFC authorities? Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Robert Ingrum
Louis Dreyfus

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