00999 - RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.

00999 - RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.

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RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.


They are on separate LPAR's. Each has it's own host name, IP address and you
can IPL DEV w/o affecting QAS (Although not the other way around). I
understand the instance number needs to be different when running multiple
instances on the same box. However, I have seen AS/400 systems where DEV and
PRD both have instance 01. In this case they were two physically separate
systems. Unless I have made a serious error, having an LPARed system can be
treated as having two separate physical boxes.

"Sugg, Chris" wrote:

> Robert,
> We have a LPAR'ed AS400 also where DEV and TST share one LPAR but they have
> differnet instance numbers (01 & 02). How do you run commands from the
> AS400 with the same instance number?
> Chris
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Robert Ingrum [mailto:robertZe...]
> Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2001 9:59 AM
> To: 'sap400Zm...'
> Subject: RFC/Hostname resolution trouble.
> Dear Colleagues,
> We are having a very difficult time determining the source of our RFC
> problems. We are running a 4.6C database, 4.6D Kernel on an AS/400
> model 820. It has been LPARed, one partition runs DEV while the other
> runs QAS. Since they are logically partitioned, both DEV and QAS use
> instance number 01.
> The problems started within STMS when trying to include QAS in the DEV
> domain controller. The config window pops up to include QAS in the DEV
> domain with all the right target info for DEV. Upon pressing the save
> button the hourglass appears for 30 seconds, then the transaction dies
> with this error message:
> ******
> Local TMS configuration is inconsistent in QAS
> Message no. XT 123
> Diagnosis
> An error occurred in the TMS communication layer.
> System: QAS.(000)
> Error: INVALID_LOCAL_CONF (tms_not configured)
> System Response
> The function terminates.
> Procedure
> The local transport system configuration of the
> specified system is inconsistent.
> Update the system to the transport controller using transaction STMS.
> ******
> We have completely reset the TMS config, but the results are always the
> same.
> The other problem we noticed was that when we would try to execute up a
> remote logon connection using SM59, instead of being routed to the
> target system, it would open up a session on the local system. We
> checked the local and target system settings that SM59 generated, and
> they were correct.
> We thought we had the problem fixed when we noticed that our host names
> were 9 characters long, and being truncated in SM59. Since only the
> last character was unique, this resulted in duplicate host names.
> Yesterday we changed our host names to be 8 characters (unique), and
> were convinced this would fix the problem
> Instead, we still get the same error in TMS, and things are actually
> worse in SM59. In SM59, the remote logon still logs you on to the
> local, not target system, AND when you look at the local and target
> system info, the local system info is correct but the target system info
> now gets filled in with the LOCAL system!!!!! At least before the host
> name change the target system was displayed under the target system
> info! Exactly the opposite effect of what we were expecting!!!
> We have all the SAP users on both systems with the same passwords. We
> have looked at every trace file, log, TMS file, RFCDES table and need
> some suggestions about other areas of the system we need to check that
> may be causing these RFC problems. Where else can we go to check RFC
> config and RFC authorities? Any suggestions are appreciated!
> Thanks in advance for your help!!!
> Robert Ingrum
> Louis Dreyfus
> ingrumrZl...
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