04001 - How many work processes..??..

04001 - How many work processes..??..

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How many work processes..??..

Hi Rudi.. how goes it?

we are running an 840 24way 40Gb mem 650Gb Dasd (moving to 1.4Tb in
April 2002)

This will be split into 2 LPARS, 1 being "normal" SAP (FI CO PP MM
etc) & HR

Normal SAP is 3.1I (18000CPW) & HR is 4.6B/Dkernel(2000CPW)

We are looking to support 5/6000 users (about 1000 concurrent)& from
our current config in the 3.1i partition we can only seem to get
72wp's running, any more than that & the system wont start! (any

Due to the great power that we can get from an 840 we have
consolidated to 2tier - in Oct 2003 we intend to upgrade to 4.6D, my
estimates then is that we will need about 40000CPW for our normal SAP

HR is only a baby & I cant see her growing more than 3000CPW

This machine is then replcated using MiMiX to (currently) an 840
18/24way POD machine

My only concern at the moment is that I may not be able to run a
single instance, but may need to install a few APP instances to get
to my required WP levels.

I'll be interested in the results of your survey....

best regards


--- In SAP on System iZy..., Wiesmayr Rudolf <rudolf.wiesmayrZm...>
> Good morning SAPlings!
> I'd like to know who runs the biggest instance on an iSeries:
> i.e. What machine, GB main, work processes...
> Our biggest instance is our general hospital: On a
> 740 12-way 20 GB main we run a single 4.6c instance (2-tier) with
> 19-25 DIA, 4-10 BTC, 4 SPO, 3 UPD, 3 UP2, 1 ENQ = 41 WP total
> Andi: What is your new machine you try to run your 150 WPs?
> And why did you return from 3-tier to 2-tier?
> Kind regards
> Rudi
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> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22. November 2001 14:55
> An: 'Andi.MerchantZN...'
> Cc: Sap400 (E-mail)
> Betreff: RE: How many work processes..??..
> Hi Andi,
> there is no total limit, but there may 2 problems occur if you are
> 4.6x:
> - you have care about the problem that a big ABAP buffer will
descrease the
> possible WPs and vice versa. (e.g. ABAP: 900000, WP: 75 would be
too high;
> but a bit less works: ABAP 748000, WP: 75 or ABAP 890000, WP: 66)
> - you can increase the Extended Memory only up to 8GB, this might
be not
> sufficient
> But, as I read a few minutes ago, that you are on 4.6x, there is no
> in this area:
> You should have a look to note 371029 or 376827, but the essentials
> The profileparameter:
> ztta/as4/roll_shm_cpp_16MB = 5
> and at least 4.6D kernel patch 698.
> Then you can increase em/initial_size_MB as high as you need!
> Regards
> Volker

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