04002 - RDDIMPDP

04002 - RDDIMPDP

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Hi All,

I have transport problems. I have been releasing and importing hundreds of
transports in the last couple of days - without problems. Suddenly this
morning I import a transport and nothing much has happened! On the TMS
Import monitor screen TP status is 'running' with return code of 0000 and tp
message 'Start of action MAIN IMPORT'. In SLOG the message is Background job
RDDIMPDP is not scheduled. Please run report RDDNEWPP.

This job is scheduled (in every client) - but hasn't run since the last
transport (yesterday afternoon).

Our system is not busy - plenty of WPs available. There are no active jobs
when I check SM37.

OS: V5R1

Any ideas?


Jay Ochse
JT International S.A.
14 Chemin Rieu
CH-1211 Geneva 17

Tel.: +41 22 703 0522

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General Data in Customer Master   ROGBILLS - Synchronize billing plans  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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