04007 - RDDIMPDP

04007 - RDDIMPDP

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I think you should open an OSS ticket and call for assistance on your
If you happen to get good people on the line they should master this

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Von: Ochse, Jay [mailto:Jay.OchseZJ...]
Gesendet: Freitag, 23. November 2001 13:34
An: 'sap400Zm...'
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This is a strange situation. I have tried everything suggested - deleted
all the jobs and run the report RDDNEWPP again in every client as DDIC. I
can see these jobs in SM37 - status released.

However, if I run TP checkimpdp <SID> at the OS level it tels me that
'background job RDDIMPDP is not scheduled'!

I have run the job RDDIMPDP from SE38 and by triggering the event - the
message 'At present there is no header entry in table TRBAT'.

Any ideas....?



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Von: Ochse, Jay [ mailto:Jay.OchseZJ... <mailto:Jay.OchseZJ...>
Gesendet: Freitag, 23. November 2001 12:07
An: 'sap400Zm...'

Hi All,
I have transport problems. I have been releasing and importing hundreds of
transports in the last couple of days - without problems. Suddenly this
morning I import a transport and nothing much has happened! On the TMS
Import monitor screen TP status is 'running' with return code of 0000 and tp
message 'Start of action MAIN IMPORT'. In SLOG the message is Background job
RDDIMPDP is not scheduled. Please run report RDDNEWPP.

This job is scheduled (in every client) - but hasn't run since the last
transport (yesterday afternoon).
Our system is not busy - plenty of WPs available. There are no active jobs
when I check SM37.
OS: V5R1
Any ideas?
Jay Ochse
JT International S.A.
14 Chemin Rieu
CH-1211 Geneva 17
Tel.: +41 22 703 0522

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