04031 - Problems with APYJRNCHG

04031 - Problems with APYJRNCHG

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Problems with APYJRNCHG

Hi Alberto,

Im not an expert in this area, but, I do remember that if you try to
apply journal changes to the DB it will fail if you come across "F
codes" in the journal.

F codes are written to the journal for file creates or deletions
(probably amongst others)...

Like I say, Im no expert, just something I rememeber from a dull
training course...

--- In SAP on System iZy..., "Peri Alberto" <vw000644Zf...> wrote:
> We are in a situation of disaster recovery......our landscape is
> on ISERIES mod.830 and OS/400 V.5 R.1 M.0
> and last cumolative package, last db-fix and last cumolative hiper
> APAR for SAP R/3 aderence) and we have SAP R/3
> V.4.6B.
> After the re-load of r3<SID>data the command APYJRNCHG stop every 20
> minutes due to an intermal DUMP.
> We have called IBM tech-support but at moment there aren't solutions
> (PTF)......we still continue in this
> situation.......but the ISERIES is an enterprise server????????
> Alberto Peri
> EDP Office

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