04038 - I: Problems with APYJRNCHG

04038 - I: Problems with APYJRNCHG

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I: Problems with APYJRNCHG

We know the lic-pgm 5799AJC and we have ordered from local IBM dealer
2months ago.......but IBM on free product is very slow!!!
We know the problem with F-Codes on APYJRNCHG but this command must go
out with escape code, it do not go out
with MCH3203 DUMP of 21 minutes every launch?????!?!?!?!?!? This cause a
low performance that is scandalous for a
class machine as ISERIES!!!!!

Thenk you for the ftp product now we load it !!!!!!


-----Messaggio originale-----
Da: Gueldenpfennig, Volker [mailto:volker.gueldenpfennigZs...]
Inviato: martedì 27 novembre 2001 10.40
A: Peri Alberto
Cc: Sap400 (E-mail)
Oggetto: RE: Problems with APYJRNCHG

Hi Alberto,

IBM invented with V5R1 a new lic-pgm 5799AJC (as PRPQ). There the
APYJRNCHGX becomes available. This means, that you can install the
5799AJC *BASE for V5R1M0 for this issue. Then you'll have a new command
APYJRNCHGX, that supports DDL-statements as well.
I hope that you are having problems with some F-Codes, or at least, that
this "other way to the recovering" doesn't fail as well, as I think, you
will probably know that F-Codes can't be recovered with the normal

The SAVF I sent you before, has to be applied binary via FTP to a SAVF
AS/400 then you can install it via GO LICPGM.



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