04056 - How to add DB2 Database driver to Jbuilder ???

04056 - How to add DB2 Database driver to Jbuilder ???

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How to add DB2 Database driver to Jbuilder ???

Hi all,

I am forwarding this message from one of our ABAP developers (Harit Dutta)
- he comes from an AS/400 developer background and just returned from
TechEd with hopes of test driving JBUILDER to access the SAP database for
reporting and also some of our legacy applications.

If anyone has experience or knowledge of the product with respect to
accessing DB2/400 databases, your feedback would be most appreciated. I am
very green when it comes to all of this technically, so I have asked Harit
to construct his question aimed at the knowledgeable ones in the group.
His message follows.

thanks in advance,
Betsy Strebe
Manager, Information Technology
Trinchero Family Estates
Office: 707-963-3104 ext. 2439
Cell: 707-529-4305
Fax: 707-963-9264
e-mail: bstrebeZt...

----- Forwarded by Betsy Strebe/SHW on 11/27/01 01:03 PM -----

Need help in adding the DB2 Database Driver to Jbuilder.

URL: jdbc:db2:NAME

We are trying to use the database components from the Data Express to
create a connection with DB2.
When we try and specify a connection and select a driver, the DB2 driver is
coming up in red color and the connection fails.

According to the help in JBuilder, we need to add the driver in JBUILDER
before using the driver.
After following all the procedures of going through the tools / enterprise
setup, we were not able to add the driver correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
Harit Dutta

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