04059 - SNC Connection

04059 - SNC Connection

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SNC Connection

Well, we had requested the SNC configuration via the SAP US
networking group. First we had to sign an agreement about export
restrictions of the software. After doing that we checked again with
the SAP networking group (ticket # 4097637) but now were told that
SNC is not available on the AS/400. Well, I sure am surprised about
this statement as I even learned about that when doing my AS/400
Basis certification in Walldorf just a couple of month back.

I'm the more surprised after the "official Internet support" for
everybody will start in January 2002. Would/should that not include
us AS/400 customers?

Has anybody in the group done the configuration yet or has any
further feedback on this issue.

Volker, could you shed some light on that issue after being our
AS/400 guru?


--- In SAP on System iZy..., Mike Pastor <mpastorZb...> wrote:
> Has anybody set up an Secure Network Communications(SNC) with
saprouter for
> support.
> Looking to get rid of our frame circuit.
> Any problems with it?
> ~Mike
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