04065 - 510-2143 AS/400

04065 - 510-2143 AS/400

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510-2143 AS/400

We had R/3 4.6C running on a 510-2144 as a test machine for a little
while. It works fine, it was just real slow. We also had other
applications running on the same box at the time, though. It probably
would have run better if the machine was dedicated for R/3 only.

--- In SAP on System iZy..., PMARNELL <pmarnellZe...> wrote:
> Does anyone happen to know if it would be possible to run an R/3
instance on
> a
> 510-2143 AS/400 - assuming DASD is not an issue and there is at
least a
> marginal amount of physical memory?
> I'm wondering if there is anything in that processor type/group
that makes
> it unsuitable for R/3.
> This would be for a sandbox/test machine, not production.

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