04068 - SQL Development Toolkit

04068 - SQL Development Toolkit

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SQL Development Toolkit


If you have Client Access Express and don't need to create RPG or COBOL
programs with embedded SQL, you shouldn't need the SQL Toolkit or SQLUTIL.
I find Run SQL Scripts in Operations Navigator (right click on Database)
much more useful that either STRSQL or SQLUTIL. I haven't tried it, but you
could probably use MS Query (Excel --> Data --> Get external data) to create
the collection via ODBC.


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Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 9:50 AM
Subject: SQL Development Toolkit

Hello, all. We are working on doing a homegeneous system copy, and I
have been having database issues with my copied system. What I have
found with all of your help is that I have been skipping the "create
collection" step because we do not own the SQL development kit. I
have simply been using the CRTLIB command to create the library.
Apparenty, my systables file is pointing to the wrong library because
I am not creating the collection first. Is there any other way of
creating the collection on the AS/400 without the SQL development
tools, or do I pretty much have to buy the software? (it's pretty
expensive). Also, are there any other benefits that I may be missing
by not having the toolkit?

Thanks for your help,
Bill Peedle
SAP Basis Manager
Plastipak Packaging, Inc.

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