04077 - Printer form types

04077 - Printer form types

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Printer form types

Hi Volker,
I verified the command defaults and they are set to *NOMSG for STRRTMWTR
and STRPRTWTR. The printers in question are remote printers, thus the
STRRMTWTR has the correct parameter related to the message handling. I
tried the command myself (normally our operations department takes care
of all the printers) and sure enough did NOT get the message. However,
just yesterday I saw the form types message on the OS.
I think I have to do some more investigation as to which printers are
involved and how operations "handles" the printer startup.
Thanks for the info. I just wanted to ensure I have not overlooked
anything else.

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Hi Gerd,

I suspect, that you are using local printers and always the same
formtype in SAP. May it be possible that your users just enter "I"
instead of "G", so that they receive this message a lot more often then
before ?

But Charlies reply is very useful, to have the STRPRTWTR to *NOMSG as



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