04095 - call system

04095 - call system

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call system

Hi Juergen,

your ABAP looks pretty fine. I would think that it should work, if all the
other necessary things are done.

First, there is a problem as of the 4.6D kernel-patch 820, that may cause
problems in this area. This will be solved soon.

Anyway, I assume, that this command needs a registered user in the WRKDIRE.
So, I would suggest, that you logon with SAPnn or SIDnn, the
standard-password is always SAPnnPWD. You have to change the userprofile
first, in order to get be able to logon wiht this user. Then you should try
to send the "mail" with this command. If this doesn't work, it can't work in
the SAP-system as well. You should work on this on OS-level up to a
Then, you should trey again in SAP. I assume, it might work even with the
"defective" 4.6D kernel as you don't need the return data filled back.



P.S.: I checked in in our TOY as ABAP ZCMDTEST.

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