04098 - Transport Domains question

04098 - Transport Domains question

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Transport Domains question


I guest you can put DEV/TST/PRD as a domain at this moment, leave DV2/TS2 as
another domain. This arrange will enable you to do emergency fixes to PRD.
You can't transport between different releases anyway. You still can do new
development in DV2/TS2. You need to collect all change requests and manually
move the data/control files to DEV transport directory to do manual import
into PRD after it is upgraded to 4.6C. If you like you can import these
transports into upgraded DEV/TST. Use DV2 as new integration system is not a
good idea, because it doesn't have all the repository object versions which
DEV has.

Zhihong Zhao
SAP Basis Analyst
DairyFarmers - IS Department

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I would like the opinion of the group....

I have a DEV, TST, and PRD 4.0B. I now have a DV2 and TS2 4.6C SR2. These
are both DB copies of
PRD, corrected for their new names and upgraded to 4.6C.

The problem is setting up the transport domain. Right now DEV is the domain
controller. I could
split the DEV/TST/PRD into one domain and create a new domain for DV2/TS2,
but eventually PRD will
be upgraded to 4.6C and be in the DEV/TST/PRD domain!

Is this confusing enough? We are upgrading to 4.6C. The functional people
obviously don't want
to lose any functionality, so they want to leave DEV/TST around for
"emergency" fixes that would
need to be transported to PRD *and* DV2 (to keep them consistent).

I wanted to just cut DEV and TST out of the picture, make DV2 the domain
controller. So, how can
I make everyone happy?

Thanks a bunch,
Andy Quaas

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