04116 - tp problem

04116 - tp problem

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tp problem


I recall this group has a discussion on this topic before, but I couldn't
find the old emails. After we upgrade kernel on our development machine, we
start having tp problem. when we run tp 'connect tst' , it responses with
connect failed due to DbSL load lib failure. I found <SID>ofr doesn't have
access to /sapmnt/exe. I use wrkaut to add all <sid>ofrs to the /sapmnt/exe,
it still doesn't work. Can anyone give a hint on this?
Our development machine hosts 4 SAP systems. The last system installed is
for hotpackage project code comparation purpose only. It takes the ownership
of a few IFS diretories.


Zhihong Zhao
SAP R/3 Basis Analyst -- Project Enterprise
Dairy Farmers
Tel: 61-2-8732 1948
Email: zhaozZd...

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