04118 - tp problem

04118 - tp problem

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tp problem


Thanks for the reply. The problem is fixed by Michael Power. The story is
that the last installed system HOT has its own kernel library, the other 3
systems share R345BOPT. When applying kernel patch, something wrong with the
kernel of the last installed one and have to run APYR3KRN to fix it. It
overwrote the /sapmnt/exe with a link to /usr/sap/HOT/SYS/exe/run which the
other 3 <sid>OFRs don't have access to. After delete the link and re create
the link point to the right directory, all transport system work resume.

Zhihong Zhao
SAP Basis Analyst
IS Department DairyFarmers

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Hi Zhihong,

are you talking about tp 'connect SID' on OS-level or from the SAP-system ?
You have to keep in mind, that you now have to start SAP with correct
environment variables. This could be done with SIDOFR or with a user that
first does CALL R3SID400/R3INLPGM.

You should check the environment with WRKENVVAR as well. This should show
/usr/sap/sid/sys/exe/run for DIR_LIBRARY.



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