04149 - SAPGUI 6.10 on XP

04149 - SAPGUI 6.10 on XP

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SAPGUI 6.10 on XP

Hi Betsy,

The reason we are trying 6.10 is because the SAP documented GUI support for XP
is GUI release 6.10
We didn't want to try 4.6D on XP for concern that if we have any issues; they
will just suggest the move to 6.10 since that is what they support on XP.

Take Care

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Hi Doreen,

We are just now in the early planning stages of implementing XP. So will
be most appreciative of your progress - or lack of 🙁
Do you have to run SAPGUI 6.10 or can you go with a lower version till the
"kinks" are down to a liveable level??



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11:55 AM

Just a heads up.......

We've deployed this on 4 team members workstation and are having nothing
but nasty problems with SAPGUI 6.10 on Windows XP
I'll report back when SAP/OSS provides resolution; until then recommend to
hold off


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