04213 - Library QRPLOBJ

04213 - Library QRPLOBJ

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I know this isn't an SAP question (really).

I have an RPG program which I changed and compiled in Production which was
already in use. I expected this program to show up in library QRPLOBJ, and
would be replaced by the system "under-the-covers" as each user exited the
program and began using it again (at least, this is how I understood it to
work). I looked in our QRPLOBJ library, and Lo!, I have objects in there
from the beginning of time (well, close). I thought an IPL would
automatically scrub QRPLOBJ as well.

What am I missing? Did something change? Or is my understanding of the use
of this library completely wrong?

Best regards, all -

Brian Zugel
SAP America

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