04227 - Please use note 457209 and check the logical pagesize!

04227 - Please use note 457209 and check the logical pagesize!

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Please use note 457209 and check the logical pagesize!

Hi Volker,

This issue is really IMPORTANT. I can only agree that everyone should check
their DB like described in the note above!

During our last PUT from 4.0B to 4.6B we ran into a problem that was caused
by IBM's changes of the logical pagesizes. We had many abends in posting be-
cause of (virtually) duplicate records in COOI. At that point of time
18 months ago) the reason of the problem was not clear.

It could be solved with your (or Joseph Schmidt's?) help by duplicating the
'damaged' table, deletion and recreation of the original table with
SE14 and finally we copied the records back from the duplicate table.
As you can imagine, this is something I would like to avoid in the future
next PUT will be on 22nd of December! (4.6B -> 4.6C)).

Here are my questions:
- we are on V4R4M0, so CHKPAGSIZ won't work...
- is it possible to submit the CHGPF-command while R/3 is up?
- is there a rule of thumb in which situation (depending on the number of
objects to be converted) it might be better to delete and restore the
whole database-library (approx. 60 GB)?

Kind regards,
Michael Rautenberg

SAP R/3 Systems Administrator
Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG

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Hi Tom and Jerry,

I tested the CHKPAGSIZ tool for V4R4M0. Unfortunately it seems not to work
fine for this release, because the necessary data is not returned from the
So, I added an escape message if running on V4R4.

But on the following web-page is shown a special support-document:

The IBM Support Document #19764304 contains information about a possibility,
to get to the information about old or new logical pagesizes as well. Then
you could issue for every of the affected tables the command:
(Even, if this is already the case!)
Then the system rebuilds the accesspath with the new logical pagesize of
64KB. A new run of this tool should show you improvements, because you'll
see less or even no entries any more.



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