04268 - Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c

04268 - Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c

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Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c

Matt ,
Can you let su know how large the system was you used ( model, , number of
processors, type of disk, amount of memory etc.)

We are trying to get a feel for how long this whole process takes, and
where the upgrade takes the most time, so any information on length of time
on a given system would be very useful

Jim Sanders
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IBM/SAP International Competence Center
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"Matt Milne"

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12.12.01 01:55 Subject: Upgrade
3.1i to 4.6c
Please respond

to SAP on System i

Just a quick note to the group with some metrics for a 3.1i to 4.6c
upgrade on a test v4r5 test machine. This was the first try and it worked
with no real problems. Scary .....

Prepare run time = 24 hours
R3UP run time = 4.5 days including the ICNV conversion and SGEN
activation. This include some down time overnight and a few hours SPDD/SPAU

Database before upgrade = 57G
after upgrade = 76.5G

Matt Milne

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