04284 - SAP Solution Manager

04284 - SAP Solution Manager

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SAP Solution Manager

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This response was from Murray Portnoff, dated 28-NOV-2001, who is a member
of the list also concerning SAP's SM.

We at Global Support use a portion of the Solution Manager to document your
Solution Landscape, Core Business Processes, & Issues during our onsite
Solution Management Review (SMR) visits. Contact me if you have any
questions. If I can't answer them, I can direct you to someone who can. I
have led many of these visits, several at some of your sites.

The Solution Manager is the platform that services will be delivered on in


Murray Portnoff
Global Support - Mission Critical
SAP America, Inc.
3999 West Chester Pike
Newtown Square, PA 19073
T +1 610-355-2577
F +1 610-661-0712
C +1 214-693-9006
E murray.portnoffZs...

We are still researching SM also and waiting to here from others about their

Good luck,

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From: spike_in_japan [mailto:spike_in_japanZy...]
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 9:20 PM
Subject: SAP Solution Manager

I'm not sure if this is the right group to post this message, but
anyway, here goes.

I have been asked to evaluate whether my company should implement the
SAP Solution Manager. Has anybody here implemented this, and if so
what benefits are there in doing so??

Also is this going to be a replacement of SAPNET, and so would the
hardware spec need to accomodate the same number of users as those
who currently access SAPNET or is it just for the Basis team??

Finally, does anybody know of additional information about the
product other than the WhitePaper and SAP's SAPNET information??

Thanks for the info.


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