04286 - Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c

04286 - Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c

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Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c


In 4.5B, I run ZRSGESUB after HP applications and during productive
operation (although I start it at night after the HP apply). This seems to
help performance problems caused by compiling changed ABAP.

I believe that touchall only invalidates the loads of programs residing in
memory (PXA buffer). Thus, only recently used programs (assuming there is
swapping in that buffer), or programs used since last startup, are compiled.


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I was wondering if it is a good idea to run SGEN or ABAP generation step
together with upgrade/hotpack. It takes forever to finish and just hold up
the whole process. Does anyone know a good way to generate all programs
after upgrade/hotpack? I try touchall, it still miss out some programs.

Zhihong Zhao
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Subject: Upgrade 3.1i to 4.6c

Just a quick note to the group with some metrics for a 3.1i to 4.6c upgrade
on a test v4r5 test machine. This was the first try and it worked with no
real problems. Scary .....

Prepare run time = 24 hours
R3UP run time = 4.5 days including the ICNV conversion and SGEN
activation. This include some down time overnight and a few hours SPDD/SPAU
Database before upgrade = 57G
after upgrade = 76.5G

Matt Milne

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