04314 - Changing ASP on Journaling

04314 - Changing ASP on Journaling

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Changing ASP on Journaling

Was the journal receiver in asp 1 as well? It is possible to have the
journal receiver library in asp 1 and the journal recievers in asp 2. As
long as only the journal receivers are in asp 2 you are ok. Having the
journal receiver library and journal receivers in asp 2 occurs when the asp
overflows. In this case, you either need to delete the journal receiver
library or IPL the system to recover from the overflow condition. If the
journal receiver library is in asp 1 and the journal receivers in asp 2, if
asp 2 overflows, just the offending journal receiver needs to be deleted
before the overflow condition is reset. This results in a faster recovery
and less mess and you get the performance benefit of having the journal
receivers in a separate asp.

Just a reminder, since V4R5, IBM will now take advantage of multiple arms
(up to 10) in an asp that is used for this purpose. This reduces contention
for the journal even further which will result in shorter average times for
changes and commits. Since V5R1, the number of drives changes from 10 to
100. This will help to drive down times for work that performs massive
updates to the database. The idea of multiple drives is to still do the
nice smooth drive movements that reduces drive access times while also
performing writes in parallel.

Best regards,

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Subject: Changing ASP on Journaling

Recently I had an EarlyWatch session. In the report it stated that my
Journaling was in the same ASP as the Database and with this it slows down
updating and also if we had a crash I would loose all the days Journaling.
I was advised to change the ASP from ASP1 to ASP2. The following is
procedure I will be following, I would like you guys to take a look at this
and advise if there is a step that I'm missing or if this is the proper way:






If there is a step that I'm missing please advise because I will be doing
this to my PRODUCTION system and would like it to go as smoothly as
possible. Thanking you guys in advance.

Crosby Sinclair
SAP/AS400 System Administrator
Thomson Industries Inc.
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